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The Energy Awareness

Training Series

The Energy Awareness Training Series is a transformational journey which will lead you toward the discovery of your greatest treasure — the knowledge of their Spiritual Gift and Soul Purpose.


You will be supported in the fulfillment of your life dream and bringing into form your spiritual goal. From one level of the training to the next, your energy vibration will be raised so that you may be open to receive an increasingly refined infusion of Love and Light.

Wellness Coach
Four Levels of Training

LEVEL I  - Introduction to Energy Awareness & The Energy of Relationship

LEVEL II - The Energy of Love

LEVEL III - The Energy of Sound and Light

LEVEL IV - The Energy of Wisdom

Next Workshop

August 15, 2021

“Anita’s healing method is to gently guide people to their own inner awareness of who they are and how to support, develop, and express that. She is gentle soul working in an intense manner — who leads you to wholeness.”

Barbara Shere

Author and founder of Astrological Perspectives

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