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Anita's Story

My true story begins with the most sincere prayer that I ever uttered. I was living in Italy at the time — and on the surface appeared to be enjoying a glamorous life. I had restored a medieval farmhouse in Tuscany and was living there with my artist/architect husband.

I had managed to complete my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology through a tutorial program, but inwardly I felt that something was still missing. So one day, I got down on my knees and said a prayer with tears pouring from my eyes. I prayed, “Please may I be on my spiritual journey.”

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I feel that the most important things in life come into being through true prayer. Almost at once my prayer was answered by an introduction to a man named Stephano Sabetti. He was leading a workshop retreat at a villa in Umbria. The workshop was entitled “Life Energy Therapy.”


During this workshop, my life changed forever. Stephano had the gift of being able to transmit “shaktipat”, highly focussed initiatory spiritual energy. I felt as though I had been struck by lightning when a jolt of energy, sent remotely, entered the base of my spine — went down to the ground — then proceeded to travel upwards through the core of my body and blasted out of the top of my head. The force of the blast literally knocked me over.


The experience opened me to realms of consciousness beyond that of physical form and earthly matter. I was visited by a spiritual being I named the “Energy Presence” over a two year period. I left Italy, my husband and life there, and returned to California where I attended graduate school to study Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy. During this time, I would be “invited” to receive healing from the Energy Presence.

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I would enter into altered states of consciousness where I was taught the energy anatomy of the human body, and directly felt the interconnected energy pathways. I was also shown several of my past lives — and emotionally and energetically re-lived the trauma of those past lives and experiences.


Once I re-experienced the acute pain of dying of a broken heart. But immediately after the pain, I was flooded with the energy of Divine Love, the most fulfilling love I could ever know. It was like being told, “See, your life continues on and you are just fine!” All my encounters with the Energy Presence ended with me being bathed in an ocean of Divine Love.


At the start of my professional career as a psychotherapist, I had the opportunity to live and work at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Supported by the experimental nature of this Center devoted to exploration of our human potential, I was able to develop a modality that combined talk therapy and energy healing.

I discovered that I could apply to others what the Energy Presence had shown to me. The next step was discovering my ability to hear words from spiritual consciousness — and applying those insightful words in the guidance of others. Eventually, I could fluently speak the words out loud as they came into my empty mind.


This led to my original work which I named Telenergy. It is a three-step healing process which combines psychotherapy, energy healing, and telepathic counseling. I was able to develop that work at The Glen House Healing Center, which I founded in Sausalito, CA. During this time, with the help of powerful spirit guides, I channeled “The Energy Awareness Training Series.” I taught others about the Energy of Relationship, the Energy of Love, the Energy of Sound and Light, and the Energy of Wisdom.


One of the greatest gifts of all was the miraculous book given to me by God eleven days after the tragedy of 9/11. I was told it was intended for children, and for the child in each of us, to help us find God — the God within. The book is entitled

The Rainbow of Hope.


I am currently living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where it is my hope to continue offering the luminous insights and loving wisdom of Higher Consciousness for the health, greater well-being, and spiritual awakening of all who wish to receive.

“Anita’s artistry inspires the human spirit to remember its essential nature.”

Angeles Arrien, PhD. 

Anthropologist, cross-cultural studies

Award winning author of The Four Fold Way.

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