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Almond Blossom

Spiritual Intuitive Counseling

What are your current challenges?

How do you wish to grow?

Do you feel creatively blocked?


During your session, Anita will listen carefully to the issues or challenges in your life for which you are seeking clarification or balance. Resolution is not found through everyday thinking, however — but instead, the issues are offered to Higher Consciousness. 


Anita’s unique gift is the ability to tune into the spiritual insight given by your own spirit guide, or “Soul Friend”, as well as her own, and become a messenger for that counsel — which is based in pure love. This guidance often creates the feeling of a window opening and light shining through. 


Then, through a review and discussion of the guidance, your new awareness is integrated into conscious understanding of the issues at hand. Simple next steps to be taken can become very clear. 


You will receive the recording of your session.

“Anita is a gifted and powerful spiritual healer capable of transforming people’s lives.” 

Zhi Gang Sha, M.D. 

Founder of Soul, Mind, Body Institute — San Francisco, CA

“Anita’s healing method is to gently guide people to their own inner awareness of who they are and how to support, develop, and express that. She is gentle soul working in an intense manner — who leads you to wholeness.”

Barbara Shere

Author and founder of Astrological Perspectives

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