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“Such a pure message, stated in a simple and beautiful way, combined with exquisite art…

I was very moved!”


Jack Canfield, co-author of

Chicken Soup for the Soul 

The Rainbow of Hope


This is a tale about a beloved soul who comes to earth, discovers itself in a dark place, and starts on a journey to find the light.


Feeling so alone, the soul searches, struggles, and longingly asks, "Where is the Light?" Step by step, with many surprises along the way, at long last the soul finds "The Rainbow of Hope", the essence of Love and Light.


Vividly illustrated and filled with humor, charm, and innocence, this remarkable parable carries an inspiring message of hope for young and old alike.

The Rainbow of Hope Video

How The Story Came To Anita

The experience of receiving the story of The Rainbow of Hope was completely unique. I offered a profound prayer to God asking to be given the book a psychic had long ago told me I would write — and my guides had recently proclaimed, “Your book is coming. Believe in miracles!”

I said to God, “I absolutely know that this book is your voice, your words, your heart.” In response I heard these words, “In answer to your prayer, WE will give you the book.”

The following morning while I was meditating, I felt a spiraling whoosh of energy swirl into my body. Then what seemed like little bubbles floated up from my belly, through my esophagus, and out of my mouth with words on them. I felt like I was a flute being played by God!

In a very dramatic and musical sing-song voice, an astonishing story was being told. It was as though I knew the story — even though I had never heard it before in my life — and it was fully crafted from the first word to the last. It seemed like I was hearing the story of my own soul being told — and yet I knew it was entirely universal. I hope it speaks to your heart as it did to mine.


A few years later when I recorded the story for this video, I did my best to speak in the same manner in which I heard it originally. John-Henri composed a musical score to accompany the telling of the tale. He calls it The Rainbow of Hope Symphony. In the video, we also see the evocative images created by artist, Gary Politzer.


Please enjoy!

Anita Eubank

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